Payment options explained

There are several options available to pay for your chosen Golden Leaves funeral plan. With each option please remember to place your order through Funeral Plans 2 Trust to receive up to £200 cashback.

  • Single payment of the full plan cost by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or cheque into the Golden Leaves independent trust fund.

  • Payment over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months by direct debit into the Golden Leaves independent trust fund, with a deposit of £250 upfront.

  • If payment is made over 12 months the payments are interest free. Payments over 24 to 60 months will be charged interest.

    Here is an example: Using Golden Leaves Gold Plan and paying over 36 months: Plan cost £3,719: Deposit £250 followed by 36 monthly payments of £108.27. Total payable £4,147.77. So, this will cost an extra £428.77 over 3 years.

    It is also important to remember that if the plan holder dies before the payments are completed the outstanding balance will be payable in order to guarantee the plan services.

  • Fixed Monthly Payment Option

  • With this option payments are not made to the plan provider trust fund but instead a ‘whole of life’ insurance policy is taken out with Phoenix Life Ltd, trading as SunLife.

    Payments are made monthly by direct debit until age 90 or until death.

    This option is available to UK residents aged 50 to 75.

    A deposit of £25 is required.

    Payments will vary according to the age of the plan holder and the cost of the chosen funeral plan.

    Here is an example: Using Golden Leaves Gold plan for a person aged 60 at the start of the policy. A deposit of £25 is paid upon set up of the policy. A payment of £34.72 is then paid by direct debit every month until death or age 90.

    No medical is required but these plans will only pay out in the first 12 months for accidental death. (This covers the insurer in case there is a pre-existing health condition).

    There is a possibility with a fixed payment plan that the plan holder could pay in more than the cost of the funeral services. If this situation occurs a refund (up to 100%) of any overpayment is made to the deceased’s estate, but please check the terms carefully to make sure such a policy meets your needs.

    Finally, it is important that all payments are made on time as a single payment missed could invalidate the policy without any refund.

Click here for full details of the Golden Leaves range of funeral plans, including all options and pricing.