Funeral Plans

Our aim is simply to help you decide which funeral plan is best for you.

In addition, we aim to give you the most competitive price for your chosen plan by sending you up to £200 cashback for an order with our recommended supplier, Golden Leaves. For full details of how to receive your cashback click here.

Funeral costs can be split into two main areas as follows:

  1. Funeral Director services: These include:
    • Collection and storage of the body in a chapel of rest
    • Provision of coffin, limousines (if required).
    • Funeral service arrangements and advice
  2. Variable costs also known as disbursements: These include:
    • Minister fees
    • Cremation or burial fees
    • Cost of a burial plot and headstone

All funeral plans (except direct cremation) cover the cost of the items in section 1.

Some plans will also cover some of the costs in section 2, excluding the cost of a burial plot and headstone

Other plans will contribute (typically £900) towards the costs in section 2. This contribution will increase annually (e.g.; in line with the consumer price index) to try to keep pace with rising costs (inflation). However, these plans do not guarantee to cover these costs and any shortfall would be payable at the time of the funeral.

The lowest cost option, known as Direct Cremation, means that the deceased is collected and then cremated in a basic coffin. This is the cheapest and simplest option. There is no provision for a service and the ashes are scattered or returned to the family.

How to choose the right funeral plan

You should firstly decide the level of Funeral Director services you would like. This includes items such as standard of coffin, number of limousines etc. Your chosen level of plan should cover all of these costs.

Secondly you will need to decide whether a cremation or burial is wished. This is where the variable costs occur. (Around 73% of funerals were cremations in 2018.)

The approximate UK average cost of these options is as follows:

Cost of cremation / minister service £991*

Cost of burial / minister service £1,324* (excludes cost of plot / headstone)

*Figures taken from the Sun Life cost of dying report 2018.

As an example, we are using the Gold plan from Golden Leaves to illustrate the difference in what the plan covers:

The plan costs £3,519 (after cashback) and guarantees to cover the total cost of a cremation funeral.**

If a burial is wished the plan will contribute the same cost as for a cremation in that locality; average £991. This leaves a shortfall of £333 which would be paid at the time of the funeral or can be paid upfront.

Please note that the cost of a burial plot and headstone will not be covered by any standard funeral plans but you can specify your needs and make extra payments to cover these costs if you wish.

For a quick guide on funeral plan costs and services from the main providers please refer to the funeral plan comparison chart here. You can check out plans by each of the providers and details of what they cover at their own websites. Please refer to ‘Why Golden Leaves’ for further information on our recommended provider.

**In the case of a cremation, 2 doctors certificates will be required at the time of the funeral, at an additional cost of £164, if there is no coroner involved. These fees do not apply in Scotland.