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Why Choose A Funeral Plan?

There are two simple reasons for choosing a funeral plan:

Best for your family
It reduces the stress for your family and friends at a time of bereavement. This should not be underestimated. Many people think that the funeral cost can be paid out of their estate, including from a savings account. However, accounts are often frozen at death so families may end up having to find the money upfront. It is also not the time when family want to be shopping around for quotes on funeral services.

Best for your finances
To put it simply, a funeral plan enables you to pay for your funeral at today’s prices. It covers the full cost of the funeral director’s services and some plans will also guarantee to cover the cost of minister’s fees and cremation or burial. You simply decide which plan is best for you, provides for your wishes and is the best value.

Why Buy Through Funeral Plans 2 Trust?

We provide a service which makes choosing a funeral plan simpler for you. Please take time to go through the information contained on this website. You should then be able to make an informed choice on the best option for you. We offer you the best value with up to £200 cash back paid by us when you take out a plan.

We recommend a long-established funeral planning company, Golden Leaves, which we feel provides excellent value for money and covers all options from direct cremation through to environmentally friendly ‘green’ funerals. They are members of and are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

Easy payment options with cashback up to £200

Should you purchase a funeral plan through Funeral Plans 2 Trust your payments will be made directly to the plan provider. Your money will be held in a separate trust fund to ensure that the money is available as soon as it is needed in the future.

We wish to provide a transparent and ethical service with extra value to those customers who purchase a funeral plan through us. We receive a commission payment from the plan provider on any purchase and will share this commission with the customer in the form of a cashback of up to £200 depending on the plan value. For full details of how this works click here.